ABC Delaware Classroom 31 Blevins Drive Suite B, N (map)

Rigger and Signaling Certification Review Course

Dates:        Nov. 14, 2017

Time:          8:00/5:00pm

Place:         ABC Classroom

Cost:           Member $395.00

                    Non-Member $595.00

                    Multiple Members Five or more $349.00

Instructor:   Dave Decker, Becket Training & Consulting

This course, an engaging mix of instruction and hands-on, will review ASME Standard Hand Signals and discuss typical crane operations and limitations like drift, dynamic loading and boom deflection. Signal person requirements, such as, working near power lines, using platforms, proper communications and signals, relevant ASME excerpts and OSHA standard 1926, 1400 are also included. The rigging training will incorporate up to date industry requirements and OSHA standards along with details on slings, hitch types, rigging handware inspection, and knots. Each attendee will receive a set of rigging cards that they can use in the field every day. A certificate of completion will be issued upon successful completion of this class. This program meets Delaware and Maryland’s new regulations for training of individuals designated as Rigger and  Signal Person.