ABC Delaware Classroom 31 Blevins Drive Suite B, N (map)

Protecting your Company when it is Part of the Sub-Contracting Chain

Date:                  April 12 , 2018

Time:                  9:00 – 10:30am

Place:                  ABC Delaware Classroom 

Cost:                   Member: $30              Non-Member: $60

Instructor:           Rich DeFortuna, Paisner Litvin LLP


A discussion of proper practices designed to protect your company as well as possible within the confines of the terms set by the General
Contractor. These practices include fully identifying all of the relevant “pass through” criteria that must be included within your company’s
subcontract with a lower level sub; accurately defining the appropriate necessary steps for submitting change orders, either on behalf of your company or your company’s sub; accurately defining payment terms and pre-requisites as between both your company and the GC (or next-level sub), and your company and your company’s sub. Finally, a short
discussion regarding Mechanic’s Liens and waivers.