Trimmer Construction Education Foundation

The Trimmer Construction Education Foundation’s (TCEF) is a non-profit, charitable organization that funds efforts to train and retain the construction industry workforce.
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Contributions to the Trimmer Construction Education Foundation (TCEF) are used to provide funding for the direct support of training initiatives and programs or for the expansion of training facilities that promote careers within the construction industry at Merit Shop training facilities. Funds are also used to provide scholarships for craft training or ABC Student Chapter members seeking a degree in Construction Management.  In addition, TCEF supports the National Craft Championships, the Construction Management Competition, the Craft Instructor of the Year award, and the Student Chapter of the Year award.Today's construction industry is limited only by the shortage of qualified workers. By supporting the Trimmer Construction Education Foundation you are funding bold and innovative initiatives and projects that will attract outstanding young men and women to the industry, training them to be skilled professionals, and providing them with career paths in merit shop construction.

GRANTS TCEF provides direct  support to training initiatives, programs and  training facilities that promote careers within the construction industry.

The Trimmer Construction Education Foundation promotes a safe, skilled, sustainable, and diverse workforce by providing funding for the direct support of training initiatives/programs or the expansion of a training facility that promotes careers within the construction industry. The applicant and/or its organization must support training for the merit shop construction philosophy. ABC chapters, ABC chapter affiliates and ABC members must be in good standing.
Recent TCEF grantees are:
· ABC Central Ohio Chapter
· ABC Keystone Chapter
·  Robins and Morton on behalf of Jenkins County High School in Georgia
·  ABC New Orleans / Bayou Chapter
·  ABC Heart of America Chapter

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SCHOLARSHIPS TCEF supports the future leaders of our industry by providing scholarships to aspiring craft professionals and ABC Student Chapter members.

HONORING THE BEST TCEF honors the best and the brightest by sponsoring annual competitions and awards