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Dale Kerns presented with Adams Cup 

Each year ABC Delaware recognizes the member who recruits the most new members in a calendar year.  It is named after Past ABC Delaware Chair and ABC National Chair, Ken Adams of PACE Services.

Adams Cup winner Dale Kerns (center) receives his honor from Ken Adams (left) and ABC Delaware Chairman Steve Lex (right).

This year’s winner is Dale Kerns of the Tri-M Group. He is a first time Adams Cup recipient.  In the past 10 months he has recruited 7 new members to our association.  Over the past 1½ years, he has recruited 12 members to the organization. Kerns has been active on various committees and currently co-chairs the Membership Growth & Development Committee.

Mike Horsey
Common Sense Solutions
 2012, 2011

Joe Swarter

Custom Iron Shop 

Joe Swarter

Custom Iron Shop 

Mike Zimny

Eastern Industrial 


2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008

Rick Treml

Delcard Associates

Robert C. Suppe

RC Fabricators

Jeff Kline

Taylor Kline