Adams Cup

Each year ABC Delaware recognizes the member who recruits the most new members in a calendar year. It is named after Past ABC Delaware Chair and ABC National Chair, Ken Adams of PACE Services.

2002Jeff KlineTaylor Kline
2003Robert C. SuppeRC Fabricators
2004Rick TremlDelcard Associates
2005TremlDelcard Associates
2006TremlDelcard Associates
2007TremlDelcard Associates
2008TremlDelcard Associates
2009Mike ZimnyDelcard Associates
2010Joe SwarterCustom Iron Shop
2011Joe SwarterCustom Iron Shop
2012Joe SwarterCustom Iron Shop
2013Steve LexPettinaro Construction
2014Kevin Thomas Jr.IFS
2015Steve LexPettinaro Construction
2016Chess HedrickCommon Sense Solutions
2017Dale KernsTri-M
2018Mike HorseyIron Source
2019Chess HedrickIron Source