How many legislators are there in the General Assembly?

There are 62 legislators in Delaware. The General Assembly is comprised of 21 Senators and 41 Representatives.

What is the length of terms for Senators and Representatives?

Senators are elected to 4 year terms and Representatives are elected to 2 year terms.

Are there term limits for the legislators?

No. There currently are no term limits for legislators in Delaware.

Where and when does the General Assembly meet?

The General Assembly meets in Legislative Hall in Dover. The legislature convenes on the second Tuesday of January and meets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until June 30.

What is the length of a General Assembly?

A General Assembly meets for 2 years, the first year being the first session and the second year being the second session. All bills carry over from the first year to the second year.

How can I determine my district and legislator?

Please contact your election department in the county in which you reside. Please provide them with your name and address. They will tell you the election district you live in for both Senate and House of Representatives.

The numbers for the election offices are:

New Castle County:(302) 577-3464
Kent County:(302) 739-4498
Sussex County:(302) 856-5367

How can I contact my Senator or Representative?

Senators and Representatives can be reached by mail at:
P.O. Box 1401
Legislative Hall
Dover, DE 19903

Please Email your State Representatives and Senators
Click on the link below to get a list of addresses

147th General Assembly – Senators
147th General Assembly – Representatives

Senators can be reached by phone at:

Senate Democrats Receptionist:(302) 744-4286
Senate Republican Receptionist:(302) 744-4048

Representatives can be reached by phone at:

House Democrats Receptionist:(302) 744-4351
House Republican Receptionist:(302) 744-4171

Does the State of Delaware have an official website address?

Yes. They may be reached at